Using flyer winding technology, E.GO can provide the following functions during product production:

  • Winding of brushless stators with programmable wire stratification by means of flyer winding technology for high slot fill and accurate coil wire positioning.
  • High speed flyer winding with multiple stations to reach maximum productivity.
  • Fully programmable wire termination system using robotics to carry out complex coil interpolations and wire-lead cuts in short time and limited space.
  • High speed, precision insulator paper formation and placement.
  • Quick tooling change system to optimize and speed up production changeover times.
  • E.GO machines are equipped with a monitoring software that instantaneously supplies a vast amount of information useful for performance analysis and diagnostics, such as production data, yields and alarms. The software allows storing the data and the alarm log history and provides traceability for each single piece.